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  1. 2 days ago
    Sun May 21 11:36:12 2017

    June it is. Watch this space..

  2. 4 days ago
    Fri May 19 23:07:28 2017

    It looks fairly certain that this'll be rained out tomorrow. Will try again on Sunday if it's any better. If not, some time in June.

  3. 5 days ago
    Thu May 18 13:53:58 2017
    Roaratorio started the conversation $1 jazz record sale, Saturday May 20.

    I'm having a yard sale of about 1200 jazz LPs, all for a buck each, 12 for $10, 25 for $20. 1950s-1980s, some good stuff for cheap. Will probably also drag out a box of CDs to give away for free. This Saturday the 20th from 9am - 4pm, or Sunday if it rains. 112 W 27th St, between Blaisdell & Pillsbury.

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 26 17:17:36 2017
    Roaratorio posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    @Finn McCool (Side note: Was that John Cale soundtrack ever released?)

    Nope. I contacted his management a couple years ago with an offer to release it, but no dice.

  5. 3 months ago
    Fri Feb 3 20:50:14 2017
    Roaratorio posted in All Encompassing Discogs Thread.

    Got my first negative feedback !

    This kid orders 3 records. While packing them up, I notice that one of them, which I'd graded VG/VG-, had more damage that I'd realized. So, I wrote him this :

    Thanks A____, will ship today.
    The Granz LP has one main scratch, which I gave it a VG- for when listing it. However, upon packing it up, that scratch felt a little deeper than I'd realized, and I don't feel good about selling it to you as a VG- record. So, I've refunded you the $5 for it - thanks for your understanding !

    And he wrote back :

    Thanks, I appreciate the honesty!

    So far so good, right ?

    So, yesterday, he simultaneously leaves me negative feedback and sends me a nastygram. This is his message :

    Yeah, honestly dude, I'm pretty pissed. The Charlie Byrd record also has a massive scrape on one side that ruins the end of track 2, all of track 3, and the beginning of 4. And the scrape is so obviously noticeable, it was the first thing I saw. You either didn't even look at these and "graded" them, or you're intentionally dishonest.

    I buy these records so I can listen to them, which I why I specifically try to buy VG+. These are shit, somewhere between G and P. I literally can't listen to this. And if you didn't spend your time ripping people off on the internet, I could've saved my time and found these common records from another seller who isn't a dishonest turd.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Here's a Goldmine rating guide, so maybe you can stop being clueless in the future:

    And this is the feedback he left :

    Two out of three records were G-/P when he rated them VG/VG+. I mean these were unlistenable, and where obviously visually damaged as well. He either didn't look at these to grade, or is intentionally trying to rip me off.

    He's even complaining about the condition of a record that I caught before I sent, refunded him money for, and sent to him for free. I left a reply to his feedback :

    7 year seller; 1st neg comes from some joker who joined 3 wks ago. 'Nuff said.

    And a reply to his message :

    Jesus, kid. Get a grip.

    He writes back today :

    That's all you got? Do you need me to send you proof of how "Jazz Recital" is unplayable?

    I sent him a refund for this Charlie Byrd record he's whining about -- which I don't believe was in as bad shape as he claims -- and another message :

    Ok, A____. Since you're new to Discogs, I'll give you a bit of an explanation as to how people do business here.

    Most of us do our best to be honest. And most people don't like to give or receive negative feedback. The golden rule -- at least the one that I operate under -- is that buyers should contact sellers about a problem in their order *prior* to leaving negative feedback. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm always pretty amenable to own up to any mistakes on my part and negotiate a discount if the customer wishes to keep the record, or refund entirely for a return, if the customer's not satisfied.

    But, when you leave nasty feedback before you've even attempted to settle a problem or a disputed grading amicably, you don't do yourself any favors. Given that I caught the condition of the Granz LP before I even mailed it to you, telling you that I'd goofed on the initial grading & didn't feel right selling it to you as a VG/VG- record, it's particularly galling to have you come out, guns a'blazing, accusing me of being intentionally dishonest and calling me a 'turd.' Hence: get a grip.

    So, I've refunded you the $9 for the Byrd LP. Feel free to spend it on some lessons on interpersonal relations, or failing that, a bag of dicks at your local bodega to eat.

    We're done here.


  6. Thu Jan 26 16:47:43 2017
    Roaratorio posted in Additional Additional RIP thread.

    @stu My guess ? Hometown pride + a poke in the eye to punk orthodoxy. I can ask, though.

  7. 4 months ago
    Sat Dec 24 00:53:22 2016
    Roaratorio posted in Happy Holidays!.

    @jonbehm Perhaps the greatest xmas gift anyone can receive

  8. 5 months ago
    Wed Dec 21 02:41:04 2016
    Roaratorio posted in 2016 End-of-Year Movie Argument .

    I liked The Lobster, but then I'm a fan of Giorgos Lanthimos' movies.

    I expected to like Captain Fantastic but didn't. There's a few good scenes, and Viggo tries his best to carry it, but it overstays its welcome by a wide margin & clearly thinks itself to be cleverer than it actually is, when it's pretty much a paint by numbers "quirky indie family movie."

    Moonlight was quite good, too.

    The Witch and Bone Tomahawk were both excellent but they were 2015 efforts, I think ?

  9. Wed Dec 21 02:33:24 2016
    Roaratorio posted in 2016 End-of-Year Movie Argument .

    Manchester By The Sea was the best of 2016, imho. Either that or Everybody Wants Some!!.

  10. Wed Dec 14 14:14:46 2016



    Thollem McDonas : “This is the third trio album Nels and I have made together, each time with a different 3rd partner. The previous two were The Gowanus Session with William Parker and Radical Empathy with Michael Wimberly. Though each session has been unique in itself (different prescribed approaches, the environment and of course the uniqueness that each individual brings), there are definitely overarching themes pollinating each album. As the instigator of each of these sessions, I’ve always been curious about the sonic experience created each time a unique combination of musicians gather. So, in a sense, this is really kind of a scientific experiment with a control and a variable. I also love the trio format: there’s plenty of room for everyone, yet still many possible depths of complexity in relationships between the individuals. The three of us seemed immediately intertwined, psychically and sonically. An amazing place to record with amazing musicians/human beings. I think it all comes through in the recording… an experiment with fascinating results!”

    Pauline Oliveros : “This recording brought us together for an unusual musical conversation. There was no plan or guiding structure. Thus the conversation set the pace between eGuitar, V accordion and piano. Each of us contributing, conversing in response to the other from our own individual perceptions. The music develops as a result of those moments of conversation. As different subjects are triggered or introduced the conversation shifts, turns and integrates making the music.”

    Nels Cline : “It started on a beautiful sunny day in a rental car to Accord, NY, Thollem at the wheel, his lovely partner Angela riding shotgun. Thollem had instigated yet another miraculous and rather unexpected improvisatory recording session. This time, I was really going to meet the legendary Pauline Oliveros and improvise with her – and Thollem, of course! We met at a market and caravanned it to a beautiful barn studio. Pauline was immediately welcoming and gracious – a good start! A few improvisations, some bucolic photos, and precious lungfuls of sweet air later we were headed back to The City. How was that? Did that really happen?? Yes, it really did. A concentrated portion of our probing explorations is thankfully here, on this petrochemical slice: Molecular Affinity. It’s a good thing!”

    Jacket & label are adorned with confocal microscopy images of a Coleochaete green algae, by Fernán Federici. Download coupon included.

    Excerpt on SoundCloud

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