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  2. Fri Apr 28 17:08:38 2017
    Princelumber posted in LOL FYRE FEST DISASTER.

    whoa that is some unorganized shit

  3. Fri Apr 28 16:45:46 2017
    Princelumber posted in Is this thing on? Gardening 2017.

    haven't even started yet, except for the fact I started cleaning up my hop vines and planted some rhubarb plants my uncle gave my mom. I now have 7 rhubarb plants at my place. wtf.

    the few spare moments of free time i've had with nice weather I resided one side of my barn and started cutting brush along my fenceline etc. I did find a clump of little pine trees growing so I dug a few of them and moved em, we'll see how that goes.

  4. last week
    Fri Apr 21 01:29:22 2017
    Princelumber posted in Buy These Bass Guitars.

    i played a carvin pro bass 500 for many years. Mad respect

  5. Tue Apr 18 15:36:32 2017
    Princelumber posted in where's that metal thread?.

    I'll be at the first avenue tomorrow

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 6 02:58:16 2017
    Princelumber posted in Questions 2: The Askening.

    @BeckyWithTheGoodHair Question:
    You are at a farm party in Montrose, MN. Kind of hippie, kinda just liberals, some teenagers, mostly folks in their 30s - 60s.
    There is kind of a house band playing John Prine and some other stuff along those lines but other people are jumping in here and there.
    Hippie dude walks up and grabs the guitar. His friend shows up.
    The question: What songs do they play?

    was hoping the answer was going to be Montrose but :(

  7. Thu Apr 6 02:13:13 2017
    Princelumber posted in where's that metal thread?.

    some rubes on facebook saying amenra should be headlining.

    I personally guarantee no one ever anywhere wants to play after neurosis.

  8. Thu Apr 6 02:12:03 2017
    Princelumber posted in where's that metal thread?.

    i would like to see neurosis also but packed show in huge theatre in fucking CHICAGO IN JULY fuck so much of that. Like fuck alllllll of that.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 29 22:29:28 2017

    Kinkos or gtfo

  10. Wed Mar 29 05:13:54 2017

    12 bucks DAMN i remember when i saw fugazi for $5

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