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  1. 6 days ago
    Mon Apr 24 18:30:47 2017

    I think we need more Gilbert Gottfried as Jared Jushner.

  2. last week
    Thu Apr 20 03:05:46 2017

    Yeah, PMs here are broken. Send an email to btwonder at gmail and I'll hook ya'll up.

  3. Wed Apr 19 16:13:31 2017

    Send me your email address, DClaws

  4. Mon Apr 17 16:02:57 2017
    YITH posted in He is risen.

    Love that park.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 15 15:25:49 2017
    YITH posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    ... First MST3k was pretty good. But they missed an obvious Minnesota callback with that duck duck goose joke. Looking forward to more.

  6. Sat Apr 15 15:24:19 2017
    YITH posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    I'm enjoying Powerless, and I'm sad Superstore wasn't on this week because I love it. Making History makes my wife laugh, but I think it's too dumb to be good.

  7. Thu Apr 13 22:09:48 2017
    YITH posted in Miscellaneous Thoughts.

    @jenn Like, getting even the slightest smudge on them is maddening.

    You get used to it. Then one day you're wiping a think layer or dust and oil off and you think "how did I not notice?"

  8. Thu Apr 13 17:15:11 2017

    You should have said "I think you're thinking of Quikster"

  9. Wed Apr 12 20:31:05 2017

    This 2-minute video of a cat running around Marlins Park in Miami during last night's baseball contest is worth watching.

  10. Tue Apr 11 12:37:42 2017
    YITH posted in Name your tribute bands..

    The Chainstrokers

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