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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 9 18:37:53 2017
    jenn posted in JOB IDEAS? ANYONE?.

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie let's all start a tree clearing service or some shit.
    fresh air, no office politics, recession proof maybe?


  2. Thu Jun 8 21:46:09 2017
    jenn posted in JOB IDEAS? ANYONE?.

    I took a deep paycut for my current job, and I'm so much fucking happier. I understand that is supported by a ton of privilege.

  3. Thu Jun 8 19:04:36 2017

    McCain was... weird.

  4. Wed Jun 7 21:06:30 2017

    Transcript of Comey's Prepared Testimony

    I'm not sure there's anything super damning in there, but perhaps the way Comey words stuff makes more sense to legal beagles to give them what they need.

  5. Tue Jun 6 15:44:35 2017

    I rode my actual bike today! My sprints are bullshit, but I'm mobile! feels good, man.

    I should probably put a brake on my bike while I'm still healing.

  6. Tue Jun 6 13:58:06 2017

    @Drinkwater Reality Winner is such an amazing name.

    I can't even keep up with this shit anymore.

  7. Mon Jun 5 21:01:46 2017

    @fildrummond @jenn that is a bummer indeed. keep in mind that there is a lot of racing season left though. heal quickly.

    Thanks, bud. I am keeping that in mind, and my team is super supportive. It's just weird to start the season with so much momentum only to have to come to a hard stop for a minute.

  8. Mon Jun 5 20:40:00 2017

    @lobster cock oh god sorry, that sounded callous . hope your connective tissues heal faster than they've ever healed before

    haha aw you're sweet, and no worries! I didn't take it as such. :)

  9. Mon Jun 5 17:13:39 2017

    I stupidly sprained my ankle real good bouldering at the gym, and I'm out of the race season for the moment. I'm fucking PISSED, because I've been training and was doing really well out there. I'm working on not spiraling down into a despair pit about it, and the beautiful weather helps. On the bright side, my job provides E-assist bikes for those who want to use them for commuting, and my commute is possible as a result. The moment I started riding it, I said to myself, "Fuck me for anything bad I've ever said about ebikes." They're wonderful. I DO, however, miss looking extremely tough on my bike. The ebike is... very laid back. Like, this morning I was drinking coffee while riding. I mean, it doesn't do the work FOR you, you still have to pedal and do all the things to make it move like a regular bike, but there's a slight assist on the pedaling. So, going twenty miles an hour against the wind is pretty cushy instead of a workout, but you still have to put the effort in. These bikes are a fantastic resource for people with mobility problems or if your fitness level just isn't up to a bike commute, but you'd like to commute that way anyway. The downside is they're very expensive and heavy. Hauling them up or down stairs would be the toughest workout they provide, but if you have a secure garage, they're a dream.

    It even has pannier racks, and I've been using them. This is different, but I can't say I hate it.

  10. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 2 15:52:49 2017

    That's gorgeous.

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