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    Fri Apr 28 20:03:49 2017
    sharyn posted in A Teevee Thread for 2017.

    I want to watch The Handmaid's Tale but I'm worried it will be a big triggering. Read the book years ago.

    Sunday is the premiere of American Gods on STARZ. Hoping for the best but the casting doesn't match what was in my head at all and I've read and re-read the book many times.

  2. 3 days ago
    Thu Apr 27 15:06:43 2017
    sharyn posted in 2017 Reading.

    @warsawpactarmor I'm curious what the Harkonnen "activities" are. Fondling slave boys...boil draining...taping a rat to a cat...hosing gore off black steel grates...

    Those were my thoughts too! When I stumbled on these at Half Price Books years ago. These are utterly ridiculous. There is a recipe for spice cookies. Can't remember what other goofiness is in them off the top of my head.

  3. 4 days ago
    Wed Apr 26 21:14:59 2017
    sharyn posted in 2017 Reading.

    @the Classical Hell yeah

    I've read all those Dune books but I think I prefer these

  4. Wed Apr 26 18:04:36 2017
    sharyn posted in 2017 Reading.

    @pitpat, Toby Ronnie mrmb bunker needs people

    I would be happy to share an old school bunker with you people. I think.

  5. Wed Apr 26 17:34:44 2017
    sharyn posted in 2017 Reading.

    I couldn't sleep at 4am so I started reading a cheesy book about an EMP attack over the US. At that only increased my anxiety. And then when I was driving into work I heard some government official on NPR talking about the possibility of EMP attacks. It's about to turn me into a prepper.

  6. Wed Apr 26 15:41:03 2017

    Jonathan Demme

    Esophageal cancer - an awful way to go.

  7. 5 days ago
    Tue Apr 25 17:30:40 2017
    sharyn posted in I Want Some Goth Ice Cream.

    That manicure on the right isn't goth enough.

    I did enjoy Milkjam's black just the other day

  8. last week
    Fri Apr 21 16:45:25 2017
    sharyn posted in April 2017 Movies.

    @Turlough's ;Axe Finally saw Kubo and the 2 Strings. Really, really enjoyed it. Some cheez-ish 'in every modern cartoon' bits, but mostly very good. Excellent animation, simple fairy tale type story. The animation is really amazing and that alone makes it worth watching.

    Managed to get free passes for that one when it was still in the theater. The kiddo and I enjoyed it on the big screen. It is a beautiful little movie.

  9. Thu Apr 20 14:28:35 2017

    @September11th I've been enjoying learning about the close relationship between Don Rickles and Bob Saget and John Stamos.

    And Chris Hardwick is good buddies with Bob Saget.

  10. Wed Apr 19 00:42:30 2017

    @magma90210 Cups are awesome but I figured walking around downtown is a deathwish loaded with breakable pottery was a bad plan

    Yeah, I waited to buy mine until after the show was over and I was about to walk to my car, with it carefully cradled in my arms.

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