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  1. 8 hours ago
    Tue Mar 28 03:30:35 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    I pretty much checked out at this scene which was a pivotal failure:

    Q: what is a faggot?
    A: that's a word that people use to make gay people feel bad

    Are you fucking kiidddddddding me? Blew it.

  2. Tue Mar 28 03:26:25 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    I thought the film was just rather gauche, predictable, and basic. They really blew several opportunities to make an interesting film about race class and sexuality and just sort of left this milquetoast story floating there with me wanting so much much more. It was essentially a safe picture that was going to be made sooner or later.

    One could easily compare it to brokeback mountain, which was only marginally better because the subject matter was so pastoral and safe already that it acted as a foil to the eros and transgression of the characters.

  3. Tue Mar 28 03:20:10 2017
    J junea posted in Questions 2: The Askening.

    Do you think Marianne Faceful is a good pornstar name? Does it lend a touch of class to this otherwise maligned profession?

  4. last week
    Tue Mar 21 04:21:02 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    @HotLegs if you're playing the contrarian card (again), at least expand on your one-word review ;)

    Well i was just looking for a bite first. Im a thrifty troll.

  5. Mon Mar 20 03:06:54 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    @BeckyWithTheGoodHair I saw Moonlight. It was tremendous and sad and beautiful. I would like to see it again.


  6. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Mar 12 04:47:05 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    also never thought I would see Forest Whitaker in a homoerotic dream sequence........... playing cricket.

  7. Sun Mar 12 04:44:35 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    And I'm not sure if its homage is intentional or not, but it seems like a cross analysis with vertigo would be super interesting

  8. Sun Mar 12 04:43:35 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    Haha, most unecessary spoiler ever?
    The whole time I just kept thinking` how daft can this IRA dude be?!?!!?`

  9. Sun Mar 12 04:31:33 2017

    Santana Abraxas

    For better or for worse, I kind of forgot that this is one of my all time favorite albums since I was in like 7th grade. No denying.

  10. Sun Mar 12 04:29:52 2017
    J junea posted in March Movies.

    The crying game. I realize I am very late to the game for people who are interested in queer theory and cinema et cetera but man, this one really took me by surprise. like a more awkward almodovar, still very intricate and complex. In all its gauche 80s brit style. A+.

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