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  1. last week
    Mon Mar 20 09:26:38 2017
    September11th posted in Yes! Yes! Yes! A new wrestling thread.

    The "All Night Long" Iron Man Match between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma (Ricochet) is totally great. I think that was first season? Haven't seen much of the show.

  2. Sun Mar 19 07:54:03 2017

    The reissue of Red Crayola's Parable of the Arable Land that came out at some point this decade. The alternate versions, some of which are just Mayo on acoustic guitar, are great.

  3. Fri Mar 17 07:59:40 2017

  4. Thu Mar 16 23:57:22 2017
    September11th posted in Yes! Yes! Yes! A new wrestling thread.

    Speedball is that guy who's like Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid right?

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 13 02:04:02 2017
    September11th posted in Welcome to Trump's America.

    The idea that someone else's babies are a problem for his "civilization" pretty much sums up Steve King.

  6. Sun Mar 12 22:45:55 2017
    September11th posted in a new Soccer thread.

    @fever of prussia Any chance that Arsene Wenger would wind Barcelona next season?

    That sounds both awful and actually kinda intriguing, but not intriguing enough.

  7. Sun Mar 12 22:41:45 2017
    September11th posted in March Movies.

    #overrated #vastly #steampunk

  8. Sun Mar 12 22:01:07 2017
    September11th posted in March Movies.

    @Arby_Headphones Started watching Mad Max Fury Road. Ehhh this is like some steam punk slipknot action junk.

    Finally, someone else!

  9. Sun Mar 12 22:00:09 2017
    September11th posted in March Movies.

    What did people think of It Follows? I loved in spite of the plot unintentionally raising some questions, while the wife was unable to get past that.

    Late to the thread stuff - Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is amazing (it's like the band Broadcast in film form and they cover one of the songs in it) and so is The Third Man.

  10. Sun Mar 12 21:36:28 2017

    I remember seeing him on some special cbs all
    sports network years ago.

    Last nights game was ugly. Looked very much like the second night of a back to back. Sloppy as hell. That's just the way it goes in that situation sometimes. Not much you can do. Milwaukee was actually pretty lousy too.

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