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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Mon 12 Jun 2017 03:27:17 PM GMT

    oh dip, that joke had already been addressed in this broken thread

  2. Mon 12 Jun 2017 03:26:43 PM GMT

    @DustyClaws It's hard to think of a worse person to be the AG than Jeff Sessions.

  3. Mon 12 Jun 2017 03:25:42 PM GMT

    hey cool, President Dumbfuck is finally getting sued for foreign payments and "unprecedented constitutional violations."

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Fri 09 Jun 2017 06:47:28 PM GMT
    Drinkwater posted in Musical Bears in the News.

    enough with the puns, I can't bear it

  5. Wed 07 Jun 2017 06:07:25 PM GMT

    The fact that she leaked something pertaining to Russian meddling in actual vote-counting is pretty dang...... remarkable, I'd say. I'm almost surprised it's not a bigger story in the news, but y'know, Comey, Cosby, etc.

  6. Tue 06 Jun 2017 07:23:26 PM GMT

    I really hope Reality Winner doesn't get a harsh sentence for what she did. Also, imagine the idiotic twists President Shithead will apply toward her name. "Fake Loser." He'll do it, just wait.

  7. Tue 06 Jun 2017 02:00:35 PM GMT

    For real. Sure, I was deesh'd, but I spent dozens of minutes trying to figure out what in the world was going on with that story last evening. Nothing seems real, not even Reality.

  8. Tue 06 Jun 2017 01:57:07 PM GMT

    Reality Winner is such an amazing name.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Fri 02 Jun 2017 07:00:29 PM GMT

    I feel like I saw Franken in some CNN interview recently where he'd said that some major development in the Russia thing would soon be made public. But yeah. I lately expect nothing but more disappointment.

  10. Tue 30 May 2017 08:26:01 PM GMT

    I could not believe how small his hands looked in a picture on the BBC website this morning.

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