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    Music from Justin Meyers "Negative Space (1981–2014)"

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    Nada Presents: Justin Meyers / Casey Deming / Michael Flora
    Nada is pleased to host a 4-channel surround sound concert with performances from local sound artists Justin Meyers, Casey Deming, and Michael Flora.

    Friday, May 26, 7:30 pm-10pm // $8

    Justin Meyers is an experimental musician and visual artist residing in Minneapolis. His work spans the formats of video, sound, screen, & print, but maintains a strong minimal approach across all mediums while confronting the expectations shared amongst the performer and audience. Instruments and processes used in his sound work include commercial and home-built modular synthesizers, reel-to-reel tape machines, computer algorithms and arrangement, obfuscated natural sound events and field recordings. In an effort to create an outlet for his own work and like minded contemporaries he founded Sympathy Limited in 2014. Michael Terren referred to Meyer’s record “Negative Space (1981-2014)” as “one of the most imaginative and coherent of 2016.”

    Casey Deming is a sound artist, printmaker and curator of the long-standing Tuesday Series for improvised and experimental music. His sound work examines the textural and rhythmic possibilities of layered tape loops. Often utilizing everyday sounds and acoustic instruments to create droning soundscapes. Deming is an active member of the improv scene, recording and playing live with “Visions of Christ,” “Squid Fist,” and with John Marks as “Fripp & Budd.” He was a featured musician and curator at The Soap Factory’s 2013 Minnesota Biennial. In the winter of 2015 Casey received the Jerome Foundation’s 416 Commission through the Cedar Cultural Center.

    Michael Flora is a Minneapolis based sound artist. His interest is in the exploration of sound via research and artistic practice. Through performance, installation, and recording he creates pieces that examine sonic morphology, spatialization, and human perception. Flora studied media arts at San Francisco State University and graduated with a BA in 2006. In 2010, he traveled to India where he studied Hindustani classical music with Pandit Shivnath Mishra. Flora has exhibited installation work at Stanford University (CA), Tuck Under Projects (MN), Franconia in the City (MN), and in the Grain Belt Keg House building (MN). He has performed regionally at St Cloud State University, the Cedar Cultural Center, Pillsbury Theatre, Gamut Gallery, The White Page, and many other national galleries, clubs, theaters, warehouses, and DIY spaces. Recorded work has appeared on Ripples Recordings, Sympathy Limited, and his own Nada imprint. Currently, Michael is continuing his sound studies as an autodidact while developing new compositions for recording.

    Nada is a Minneapolis based organization interested in promoting experimental and subversive musics and sound works.

    Nada Presents: Justin Meyers / Casey Deming / Michael Flora
    Friday, May 26, 7:30pm
    Studio Z
    275 4th St E Suite 200, St Paul

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    ARIADNE is an A/V experimental sacred music duo from Brooklyn, New York comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest. With a focus on interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the post-modern, ARIADNE flawlessly bridge the two worlds through their intricate musical compositions, striking digital visuals, and captivating live performances. Past/future performances: MIT List Visual Arts Center, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Made in NY Media Center by IFP, Elastic Arts (Chicago), Harvestworks (NY), University of Idaho, University of Denver, Reverse Gallery (NY), Trans-Pecos (NY), Bunker Projects (PA), DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery (Chicago), and Gallery 788 (Baltimore).

    MICHAEL MASARU FLORA is a Minneapolis based sound artist. His interest is in the exploration of sound via research and artistic practice. Through performance, installation, and recording he creates pieces that examine sonic morphology, spatialization, and human perception.

    SEAN CONNAUGHTY is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He currently is a professor of art at The University of Minnesota, where he has taught painting and drawing since 2000. Recently Mr. Connaughty has shown his work in Germany, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York City and Minneapolis. Recently he served as a jury member for the Omani Fine Art Society, in Muscat, Oman by invitation of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. He has also served as a juror for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Assafeer Art Competition" an exhibition of Saudi Artists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Sean Connaughty received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from The Savannah College of Art and Design.

    LINDSAY NOHL is the founder of Light Grey Art Lab, a Minneapolis gallery and collaborative arts space that brings together creatives from around the world to exhibit work, share process, collaborate and learn. Light Grey Art Lab has been featured on the websites of CNN, Kotaku, DesignWorkLife, Forbes and Nintendo Magazine. She has been a speaker on collaboration at GOOD Magazine; a panelist on Creative Business at ICON 9 and the Illustration Conference; a judge at for Adobe's Creative Jam; and a lecturer at the Science Museum of Minnesota for her work at Light Grey Art Lab.

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    josh gumiela
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    comets ov cupid
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    Music at 9
    The wee room
    2507 E 25th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

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