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    Thu May 18 19:24:46 2017

    @Bicorn Halfelven
    because it makes me think of this

    I loved this show as a kiddo

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    Wed Apr 12 20:11:21 2017


    Sally Button

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    Fri Mar 3 01:16:07 2017

    @jonbehm My prime motivation is peace, harmony, and happiness for all beings everywhere. My secondary motivation is seeing those backwards, ignorant, self-righteous fucks get bent.


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    Sat Nov 5 21:28:37 2016
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  5. Wed Nov 2 17:32:08 2016
    bxrx posted in Halloween 2016 Costumes.

    I'm not familiar with Poundcake, but Jenn slays Halloween as usual

  6. Wed Nov 2 17:25:20 2016
    bxrx posted in Halloween 2016 Costumes.


    DC Super Hero Girls version of Harley Quinn for my daughter

    Crafted the hammer out of concrete footing tube, pvc fasteners, cardboard, bristol board, and a broom handle.
    The shirt was bought and the diamonds were scrap from the red and black leggings that I altered.

    Rey's staff looks great!

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    bxrx posted in Google Android Mobile OS.

    Works for me

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  10. Wed Nov 25 18:14:22 2015
    bxrx posted in 2014 Secret Satan.

    I'm kind of thinking I'mma pass this year...always fun though!

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